Haley & Zach | Boston Portrait Session

October 20, 2021

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I miss Haley. And I miss Boston- but mostly Haley. Fun story- I actually, kinda, stole her job this summer. She has been interning with my friend Micaela and has been her 2nd shooter all year… until I showed up at the end of July! I didn’t think I would get to meet her, but a couple of weeks after I got there Micaela got sick. I ended up needing to associate shoot a wedding for her (and I did a pretty good job pretending to be her- if I do say so myself) and guess who came to 2nd shoot with me?! I had an absolute blast with her and wanted to bring her back to Georgia with me!! But she has a full-time job, interns with Micaela (it’s not nice to steal the pregnant lady’s 2nd shooter), is getting her own photography business off the ground (go check her out here!), AND her boyfriend Zach (and their adorable Corgi, Ada) is in Boston too… So I reluctantly left her behind. (Just re-read that list and HOLY COW, Haley!! When do you sleep???)

BUT Haley and Zach have been talking about moving south which would make me ridiculously excited!! Although, if I were them… I don’t know how I’d leave these gardens behind. Boston is an absolute playground for photographers!! There are so many gorgeous spots within a couple of minutes’ walk- You might have to get up before the sun to avoid crowds… but getting to go to Tatte afterward for brunch makes up for it!

Shooting in the Boston Public Gardens was my DREAM. If I didn’t get to shoot anywhere else while I was up there, I had to shoot there. Haley and Zach were so sweet and got up at 5am to make that dream happen for me! We wandered the gardens for an hour or so and had the best time! Afterward, Haley and I swapped headshots and went to Tatte for one last latte before I hit the road and headed back to Augusta.

I have such sweet memories as I look back at these pictures, and I had a really hard time picking favorites! Make sure you scroll all the way to the end to see a hilarious outtake of Ada! Thank you, Haley and Zach, for making my last day in Boston the best ever! Love you both to Massachusetts and back!

(Just had to include this outtake of Ada!)

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