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Notting Hill Engagement Session | London, UK

December 14, 2019


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“And when the day is breaking, I’m looking for your love and when the day is fading, you’re all I’m thinking of.” – The Overtones

Is anyone else obsessed with the pretty pastel houses in Notting Hill? Because I am. I’ve always wanted a blush pink front door, but walking through this pastel wonderland made me realize how small I was dreaming. I mean, why stop at a pink front door?? Paint the whole house pink, with pink flowers outside, and throw a pink front door in just for kicks and giggles. But I digress.

One of my favorite parts of my trip to England was getting to hang out with Sarah and Tommy all week. They’re one of my new favorite couples (Yes, I know I’m not supposed to have favorites. But if you met Sarah and Tommy they’d be one of your favorites too.) Sarah is a model AND a fellow photographer! And Tommy is always willing to model if it involves spending time with his wife (even if it means letting his ankles make their modeling debut 😉 )

Their love for one another is so sweet and genuine it’s easy see in every photo… Cheers!

couple with bouquet on sidewalk Couple with bouquet on sidewalkWoman with pink car couple kissing on sidewalkgirl walking in front of a pink car man kissing side of woman's headcouple in Notting Hill woman with bouquet in Notting HillMan kissing side of woman's head Girl with bouquet in Notting HillCouple with bouquet in Notting Hill couple with bouquet in Notting Hillgirl with bouquet in Notting Hill girl with bouquet in Notting Hillman in front of blue wall girl with bouquet in Notting Hillgirl with bouquet in Notting Hill girl with bouquet in Notting Hill

Host: Julie Paisley via Voyager et Inspirer Retreat | Styling/Florals: Janna Brown Design | Models: Sarah Jansson & Tommy Allmon



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