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A New Chapter…

October 13, 2022


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Surprise!! We’ve been keeping a little secret over here, but by the end of this month Lottie and I will officially be Carolina girls!!!
I’m so excited to start this new chapter in SC!! I’ve been driving back and forth a bunch over the last few months and I’m touched by the warm welcome Lottie and I have received! ❤️❤️
The best part of this move though, is that the whole family is going!! (We’re kind of a package deal 😂) it’s bittersweet watching my parents sell my childhood home, but we’ve watched door after door swing wide open for us and we know this is a great decision for the whole family!
Especially grateful for Andy Higgins, Meghan Bishop and the entire #soldyouso team!! They were amazing from start to finish and we were under contract 36 hours after our house went live on the market!!

Can’t wait to get settled in and share all the details of how this came to be!


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