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22 Things I Learned in 22 Years of Life

“It feels like the perfect night to dress up like hipsters…” I’ve waited 7 years for this… and if I’m being honest I’ve been more excited about turning 22 then I ever was about turning 21. I could give you a long elaborate post about everything that’s happened so far in my life and how […]

May 10, 2019


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My 2019 Goals

2018 was a really good year for me. It was the first year that I set goals and I discovered that I really enjoyed doing this. I loved the satisfaction that came when I was able to tick a box and mark something as completed as well as looking back at everything I had accomplished. […]

January 25, 2019


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A Year in Review | 2018

2018 has been one of my best years ever and not because everything went perfectly. Lots of scary and unexpected things happened that forced me to step outside my comfort zone and face my fears and anxiety. But because I did all those things, I was able to grow, change, and experience things that I […]

January 1, 2019


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2018 // Mid-Year Powersheets Check In

If you follow me on instagram you’re probably sick of hearing me talk about how great I think 2018 is going to be or is. But it’s something I’m almost convinced of. My year didn’t necessarily start off super spectacular, but life is only 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do with […]

July 10, 2018


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The Hayes family – Broomfield, CO

I went to Colorado in March to visit my family. That was the last trip I made to Colorado to see them while they lived there and we decided we should get some updated family pictures for them. Christopher and Audrey moved to Broomfield  so that Christopher could attend a pre-med program. (Fun fact: Audrey was 6 months […]

June 15, 2018

Personal, Portraits

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