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January 12, 2019

Duncan + Rebeca // Savannah Rapids Engagement Session

Meet Duncan and Rebeca.

I love these two so much. I emailed back and forth with Rebeca for several weeks before we actually sat down to talk and I came to absolutely adore her from those emails. She is one of the sweetest, most genuine, and fun people I’ve ever met!! and Duncan is so much like her, it’s no wonder they fell in love. When you get the two of them together they just light up the whole room- or in this case, the whole riverwalk! The two of them having been trading off driving back and forth from Augusta to Columbia for date nights and the Savannah Rapids is one of their favorite places to go together- So naturally we had to go there to do their engagement pictures. We had so much fun hanging out, laughing, and talking while taking these I don’t think I should have even gotten to call it “work”. So excited to get to celebrate with them at their wedding in 36 days!!


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