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Photography & Event Prop:
Available in Augusta, GA & Aiken, SC

Meet Lottie AKA "The Garden City Figgy"! An adorable Nissan Figaro made for the Japanese market back in the 1990s! She has traveled a long way and finally found her home in Augusta, GA- The Garden City!

This pale blue beauty is a right-hand drive, fixed-top convertible, and is available as an event and photography rental in the CSRA. If you're wanting to add a little extra something to your next photo session- The Garden City Figgy is the perfect addition!

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What kind of car is The Garden City Figgy?

The Garden City Figgy is a 1991 Nissan Figaro. At first glance you might think she's a European convertible, but she's actually a limited edition JDM (Japanese Domestic Market). Only 20,000 were made and they came in 4 different colors to represent the 4 different seasons

How much does it cost to rent The Garden City Figgy?

Rentals begin at $175 per hour. Prices will vary depending on the location of rental, duration, & date. Please send an inquiry for a custom quote.

Do we have to book a session with you to rent The Garden City Figgy?

JAP couples & brides do receive 10% off their rental of The Garden City Figgy, but you can still rent even if you aren't one of my couples!

Can we drive The Garden City Figgy?

No. The Garden City Figgy is not available as a traditional car rental. The Garden City Figgy will be brought to the location of your session and/or wedding and can only be moved by an authorized person.

How do I reserve The Garden City Figgy?

Please send a message via the inquiry form linked below or email directly at thegardencityfiggy@gmail.com
Please provide the following information when emailing:
Your name, desired date, type of event, location, and contact information


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