Madeline & Tomas | Greenville, SC Engagement Session

February 23, 2023

Hi, I'm jacqueline.
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“Meant to be” is a phrase I always think of when I think of Maddie and Tomas for multiple reasons. Maddie and Tomas both attended University of South Carolina and during their senior year they had a chance encounter at a bar in Five Points. They were both waiting in line and ended up striking up a conversation- which ended with Tomas buying Maddie a drink. Although they both felt a bit of a spark, they went their separate ways and neither thought very much of it.

Until the next day at a packed game at the William Brice Stadium… who should they run into? They chatted a bit, but just like the night before- neither one thought very much of it.

Until the next week… Maddie was at friend’s house when who should walk in… but Tomas. This time there was no ignoring the coincidence… less than a month after they met they made their relationship official and have been almost inseparatable ever since.

The second reason why I always think of “meant to be” and these two is that I almost didn’t shoot their wedding! When Maddie initially inquired with me I thought I was going to be out of the country- so I emailed her and let her know that I was unavailable on her date. A couple days later a got an email directly from Maddie saying that she had filled out my contact form, but hadn’t heard from me and wanted more information about having me shoot her wedding.

As it would happen I had just had to change my travel dates and was now free to shoot her and Tomas’ wedding! I emailed her back letting her know that my initial email must have gone to spam and as it would happen, I was now free to shoot her wedding! We got on the phone *2 hours* later and by dinner time Maddie had signed her contract! I’m so glad she emailed me that second time or else I would never have gotten to meet these two!! May this be the lesson to all of us to go after what we want with the same decisiveness and determination that Maddie has!

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