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Mackenzie & Latrell | Lexington, KY Anniversary Session

October 1, 2020


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One of the highlights of my recent trip to Lexington, Kentucky was getting to meet Mackenzie and Latrell at Jacobson Park. They graciously agreed to be models for one of the shoots that was part of my in-person mentorship with Kelli and I’m so glad they did!! We got up bright and early to get that perfect morning glow, which was a struggle for me because I am not a morning person, but it was so worth it!! The light was perfect, the air was fresh and crisp, the park was peaceful and quiet, and their photos ended up looking like something out of a dream! (Also- tell me those photos in the pine trees don’t give you major Folklore vibes!)

We spent several hours together traipsing through Jacobson Park talking and laughing together and it was just the best! Mackenzie and Latrell have been married for two years already and they still act like newlyweds. They are so loving and attentive to one another, and it was so fun to watch them interact. The way Latrell would pull Mackenzie in extra tight til she giggled, all the spontaneous hugs, the way they’re always laughing, and- my favorite thing about all engagement/anniversary sessions, the way they look at each other when the other person isn’t paying attention. (Insert all the heart eyes!!) I hope one day I find a guy that will look at me the way Latrell looks at Mackenzie.

Enjoy some of my favorites, Mackenzie and Latrell! Thank you so much for spending your morning with Kelli and me!



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